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H2O Tech Holder™ - Miba

H2O Tech Holder™ - Miba

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Ringo Water Bottle 710ml

📱 Fixing MagSafe
💧 Always Fresh Drink
🎨 Ergonomic Design
🎒 Practice of Charging
✨ Easy to Clean

Buying today You Get a Free Wall Mount!

Although it was made with the MagSafe in mind for iPhones, Ringo can also accommodate smartphones from other brands,
as it comes with a magnetic ring that can be glued to the back of any device. It can handle even heavier devices like a 12.9-inch iPad Pro!

The bottle consists of two layers of premium stainless steel and can be used as a stand even empty


To keep your device. You can use it as a stand to keep your phone or tablet upright while using it. It’s a convenient way to put your device at a comfortable viewing angle, whether it’s watching videos, reading, or video chatting. In addition, having a bottle of water nearby ensures that you stay hydrated while being absorbed by the appliance. It’s a win-win situation! 📱💦

phone holder

Can also be used as a phone stand while cooking! 📱👩‍🍳 Its stable design allows you to keep your phone in place, providing hands-free access to recipes or cooking videos. It is a handy feature that makes cooking even easier and more enjoyable. Now you can have your cell phone at your fingertips while preparing your favorite dishes! Bon appetit! 🍽️😄


Great companion for your yoga and workout sessions! 🧘‍♀️💦 With its convenient phone holder feature, you can easily support your phone and monitor yoga videos or use yoga apps for guidance. In addition, staying hydrated is essential during any physical activity, including yoga. So the water bottle not only helps you stay focused and balanced during practice, but also keeps you updated and hydrated throughout your workout. It’s the perfect combination for a zen and rejuvenating yoga session! 🌿🧘‍♂️💧

makeup mirror

A makeup mirror! 💄💁‍♀️ It is a versatile and practical feature that adds even more value to this incredible product. Whether you’re out and about or preparing for a special occasion, we help you! 🌟😊

car navigation

Our water bottle with integrated phone holder is the perfect solution to keep your phone safe and visible during car rides. With its smart design, you can easily put your phone in the bottle holder and use it as a convenient navigation device. No more worrying about taking your eyes off the road or holding your phone in your hand. Our water bottle with automotive navigation feature provides a safe and convenient driving experience while keeping you hydrated. Take this innovative bottle of water on your adventures and enjoy hydration and guidance! 🚗🗺️💦

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